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We introduced new fresh and tasty items to our menu .

Our History

It was started in 1962.

It was named as "Chamunda Farali". it was founded by Ratilal Trikambhai Mandora. The first branch of chamunda lassi was on kadwachowk, opposite vishal tower. It was started with lots of hardwork and research. With the love and support of family

Then we started selling lassis from 1985. Further the response from the people was very good and everyone liked it. People were loving the taste that chamunda lassi brought up as something new in that era. There were only some flavours available at that time which was plain lassi. People used to love this very much, hence we decided to bring up more flavours and choices. From 1992 more people knew about our lassi and used to love the lassi.

Coming further we started another branch at college road, opposite suraj funworld, on 2004 which showed very great response. After time when more of the response we got we decided to spread our business in several cities hence we decided to start giving franchises that is showing so much good response. As people know and love the flavours of lassis, icecreams and thickshakes. We are looking more to make chamunda lassi broad. Hence we are going to give our customers the best.

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Our Menu

All new menu that added to our shop where you can enjoy various variety of food.


Our speciality is the real taste of kathiyavad, we deliver a LASSI for a happy day!


Take a bite into a cheese that keeps pulling you together. Say Cheese and Experience Melting Delight!

Ice cream

Scoop, Smile, and Savor the Sweetness of Life. Every Bite Takes You to a Dreamy Delight.


The Ultimate Comfort Food, Right in Your Hands. Layers of Joy, All in One Sandwich


Fry-day vibes, all day, every day. Crispy, golden perfection in every bite.


Juicy Burgers Crafted with Love, Devoured with Delight.

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